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About Us

McMillan and Quinn Inc. employees have over 25 years of combined experience representing land surveying and land development firms.  We hold the interest of the public in the highest regard with respect to their real estate interest and holdings in the State of Texas.  We have a personal connection with the historical aspects of the population of the State of Texas dating back to the dawn of the Republic of Texas and thrive on the responsibility to show the great work of Texas land surveyors that have come before us.  We hope to boost your pride as a Texas land owner knowing that McMillan and Quinn Inc. completely researches properties to insure continutity of ownership.  As Registered Professional Land Surveyors in the State of Texas we are oath bound to protect the public and the public interest to the land of the State of Texas.  We have extensive knowledge and the ability of working with title companies and estate law firms to achieve the needs of the indiviual or family.